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Halmstad University is an exciting workplace for learning, development and research, in constant interaction with its surroundings. We are currently looking for a professor of Innovation Sciences in the field of Open Innovation to the School of Business, Engineering and Natural Sciences.


Innovation Sciences seeks to understand and explain how and why innovations are designed, created, implemented and diffused allowing for value creation and value capture. Open innovation is about how organizations frame and accelerate innovation processes by using external and internal ideas, as well as internal and external ways to the market. We are looking for a professor who has an interest in researching and developing the field of open innovation within the research environment of Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning Research (CIEL) and in the university's doctoral education in Innovation Sciences. The position is also intended to strengthen Halmstad University’s research in the areas of Smart Cities and Health Innovation.   


As professor, you will be contributing for building and developing research and education. The position strengthens and complements on-going collaborations between the research centres CIEL and the Rydberg Laboratory. The work consists of research, research management and participation in the development and implementation of education at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. The work also includes supervising and being an examiner at all levels of education. Within the position, you will conduct research of high international quality, establish and develop national and international contacts and partnerships within academia, industry and other organizations, publish research results in international scientific journals and contribute to the development of the research environment, both in research and in postgraduate education. Central to the position is to actively work with applications for external research funding and to ensure research funding for the development of the field open innovation for the further development of the doctoral education in Innovation Sciences.

Basic qualifications

To qualify for appointment as a professor, candidates must demonstrate both academic and teaching skills in accordance with the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4 § 3, and otherwise meet the requirements of rules and regulations for academic appointments at Halmstad University. 

Other qualifications

You have a PhD in Industrial Management, Business Administration, or equivalent. Your research and/or dissertation should focus on innovation and/or distributed R&D or product development. Experience of industrial experimentation and processes such as agile and iterative methods are meritorious, as well as demonstrated ability to conduct and publish empirical research in the area of open innovation. You need experience of and be successful in teaching, conducting research and collaborating with others. Previous experience of multi-disciplinary and/or cross-disciplinary projects is meritorious. You should have a proven ability to publish internationally and to seek and receive external research funding for research, and successful collaboration with colleagues and other organizations. Meriting is also documented management experience. When evaluating candidates, great importance will be given to personal maturity and the ability to lead others. 

Assessment criteria

"The assessment criteria for appointment as a professor shall be the degree of the expertise required as a qualification for employment. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of research or artistic expertise." (HF 4 kap 3 §)

Halmstad University has in addition to scientific and pedagogical expertise decided on the following assessment bases for the appointment of professors: Leadership skills, administrative skills, as well as ability to interact with the surrounding community.

Applying for the position

Applications should be sent via Halmstad University's recruitment system Varbi (see link on this page). The starting date is negotiable. The application shall consist of:

  1. A declaration of intent describing what goals and visions the applicant would strive to achieve upon employment.
  2. A complete list of scholarly publications.
  3. An account of the applicant’s bases for evaluation:
    - Scientific/scholarly skills should be documented and include scientific background, scientific production, national and international research contacts, expert assignments, opponent or examination board commissions etc. Examples of documentation are theses, articles, reviews, publications (including work in progress), national and international prizes and awards, assessment of associate professor (docent) or full professor qualifications, certificates and credentials pertaining to scientific skills as well as doctoral and master’s theses the candidate/applicant has supervised to completion.
    - Pedagogical skills should be documented and include pedagogical background, the applicant’s pedagogical ethos/approach/philosophy, how the applicant/candidate works with his/her and the students’ learning development and contributes to pedagogical development etc. Examples of documentation are grades/credentials from courses in teaching and learning in higher education and other pedagogical education and courses in supervision, evaluations, self-assessments, pedagogical prizes, course and conference programmes, teaching material, certificates and assessments of pedagogical skills etc.
    - Leadership and administrative skills should be well documented through certificates and/or grades. These may also be complemented with references.
    - Collaboration with the surrounding community should be well documented through certificates and/or grades. These may also be complemented with references.
  4. A maximum of ten (10) publications.
  5. Individual salaries are applied at Halmstad University. The application should include salary requirements.

All enclosed copies of original documents must be attested.


We value the qualities that gender balance and diversity bring to our organisation. We therefore welcome applicants with different backgrounds, gender, functionality and, not least, life experience

We respectfully decline all direct contact with staffing and recruitment companies and recruitment advertisers.

Type of employment Tillsvidareanställning
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100
City Halmstad
County Hallands län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2018/112
  • Magnus Holmén, Research Director , +46(0)35-167689
  • Jonas Gabrielsson, Professor, +46(0)35 16 79 66
  • Joakim Tell, Head of Department, +46(0)35-167468
Union representative
  • Kristina Hildebrand, Saco-S, +46(0)70-7721015
  • Camilla Soto, ST, +46(0)35-167242
  • Anniqa Lagergren, OFR, +46(0)35-167655
Published 15.Mar.2019
Last application date 13.Apr.2019 11:59 PM CET

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