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Halmstad University hereby advertises a position as Post doctoral researcher in ethnography and design research with a focus on user experience and expectations.

Recent growth in the research activities and the well-established educational programs of the School of Information Technology (ITE) is enabling a significant expansion. In 2018 the total research expenditures exceeded 70 MSEK and the school hosted over 850 students. Over the next two years, the School will grow significantly. 

We are seeking to appoint a full-time post-doctoral researcher, with expertise in ethnographic research. This position offers a unique opportunity for an outstanding ethnographer to join and work with a team of internationally leading researchers on an innovative interdisciplinary project about future mobility solutions.

The post-doctoral researcher will work on the design ethnographic strand of interdisciplinary projects. The position is partly funded through a grant awarded by KK-stiftelsen, Sweden. The successful candidate will join a research team based at the Future Mobility Center Halmstad University, Sweden, and will work in collaboration with colleagues Volvo Cars (Sweden) and Monash University (Australia). The position is at Halmstad University, and is connected to the externally funded international research network “Re-humanising Automated Decision-Making” which includes eight partners.

The project is situated at the forefront of research into future transport mobilities, often referred to as Mobility as a Service.  This position represents a opportunity to be part of a team that will develop and apply innovative and interdisciplinary design ethnographic and participatory design techniques of research and dissemination in this field. The post-doctoral research will create new ethnographic insights into human experiences and expectations of connected and automated vehicles and integrated mobility services, and will collaborate with experimental User Experience (UX) and Service Design researchers to explore how these technologies can be designed to support the creation of sustainable lifestyles.

This research is focused at the interface between academic scholarship and applied practice. The post-doctoral researcher will contribute to developing applied research with impact, and in collaboration with industry partners, as well as to academic scholarship and debate through publications.

Principal duties
The successful candidate will work primarily with Professor Sarah Pink (Monash University) and Associate Professor Vaike Fors (Halmstad University), within a research group focused on applied and design ethnography in dialogue with academic scholarship. They will benefit from working in this international research environment that spans the Future Mobility Center at Halmstad University and the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at Monash University.

The duties will be:

  • To organize and undertake ethnographic research with future users of automated vehicles and integrated transport mobility services
  • To contribute to the analysis of ethnographic research
  • To assist in the organization, running of and in contributing findings to knowledge generation and dissemination workshops
  • To contribute to academic publications and conference papers (where appropriate leading on these)
  • To contribute to report writing
  • To contribute to the production of video-based and digital dissemination projects, on online platforms

In Sweden the position of postdoctoral researcher is a qualifying appointment, which is intended to enable the employee to develop their independence as a researcher and to obtain merits that may develop their competence for another post with higher eligibility requirements. As a postdoctoral researcher you are expected to be active in the research seminars organised by the research environment EIS at the school of Information Technology. You are also expected to teach under-graduate students.

This position is suited to applicants with a PhD (and preferably post doctoral experience) in ethnographic research, using digital video and other innovative techniques in ethnography. Candidates should have been trained to PhD level in anthropology, design or in a cognate discipline such as human geography, sociology, ethnology or a related interdisciplinary field. Candidates will ideally also have existing experience of inter-disciplinary research in fields of digital technology use, design ethnography and/or service design. The working language in the project is English, so one requirement for the position is fluent speaking and writing in English. The fieldwork for this project will be undertaken primarily in Gothenburg and Helsingborg, Sweden and the successful candidate will ideally be fluent and able to undertake ethnographic research and analysis in Swedish.

Salary Salary is to be settled by negotiation. The application should include a statement of the salary level required by the candidate.

Applications should be sent via Halmstad University's recruitment system MyNetwork (see link on this page).

The application package shall consist of:
1) a cover letter stating the purpose of the application and a brief statement of why you believe that your goals are well-matched with the goals of this position, together with a description of future research plans

2) a CV that includes at least
- a list of previous degrees, with dates and institutions
- a complete list of publications with 2-3 most relevant ones for this position marked
- a description of previous research and other work experience and links to online copies of the most important publications

3) contact information for at least three references.

For further information, please contact project leader Vaike Fors (vaike.fors@hh.se), scientific leader Sarah Pink (sarah.pink@monash.edu) or head of school Magnus Clarin (Magnus.Clarin@hh.se).

General Information
We value the qualities that gender balance and diversity bring to our organization. We therefore welcome applicants with different backgrounds, gender, functionality and, not least, life experience.

The working language at Halmstad University is English and knowledge of the Swedish language not required to start working. Also for daily life, English is spoken widely and Sweden has the highest English Proficiency index in the world. Learning to speak Swedish will make it easier to interact with public and private services, to follow local and national issues, to participate in teaching junior students, and to participate in administrative and leadership roles. National Swedish language courses (SFI) are available on campus. Halmstad is a popular summer destination located on the Swedish west coast. It is situated between two cosmopolitan areas: the Copenhagen-Malmö-Lund area and the Gothenburg area, making it a well-connec­ted, yet a pleasantly calm place to live. Halmstad can be reached by a direct train connection from the Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, as well as national airports (e.g., Halmstad, Malmö, and Helsingborg/­Ängel­holm airports) and Arlanda in Stockholm.

Read more about Halmstad University at http://hh.se/english/discover/discoverhalmstaduniversity.9285.html

Type of employment Temporary position longer than 6 months
Contract type Full time
First day of employment 2019-11-01 or as soon as possible
Salary Monthly salary
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Halmstad
County Hallands län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2019/88
  • Stefan Byttner, 035-167792
Union representative
  • Kristina Hildebrand, Saco-S, 070-7721015
  • Camilla Soto, ST, 035-167242
  • Anniqa Lagergren, OFR, 035-167655
Published 03.Jul.2019
Last application date 22.Sep.2019 11:59 PM CET

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