Halmstad University, School of Business, Innovation and Sustainability

Halmstad University, School of Business, Innovation and Sustainability

Halmstad University is a young and innovative university with 10,000 students and 600 employees. The School of Business, Innovation and Sustainability is one of four faculties, with 105 employees who conduct education, research and societal collaboration within and between the subject areas of business studies, engineering and science.

We are looking for 1-2 senior lecturer/s in business administration with a focus on marketing for permanent employment of 100%, and with a placement at the Department of Business Studies.

The Department of Business Studies, one of five departments at the faculty, conducts education and research in business and economics. The department is responsible for the Business and Economics program, the Building and Real Estate Economics program, the International Marketing program, the Economics program, the Master's program auditor and bank, and the Master's program strategic entrepreneurship for international growth. The research at the department belongs to the research environment CIEL and offers PhD studies. Within marketing, research is conducted in areas such as international marketing and entrepreneurship, digital marketing and brands.

Job description

Work tasks include teaching, supervision and examination at undergraduate and advanced levels in marketing. Teaching is conducted in both Swedish and English. Research and administrative assignments are also included in the work tasks. The work encompasses following the development within the own subject area and the societal development in general that is important for carrying out the work. As a senior lecturer, you will conduct research and contribute to applying for external research grants, publish results in scientific journals, and participate in and develop constructive collaborations both at Halmstad University and together with regional, national and international partners.


Eligible for employment as senior lecturer is someone who has completed a doctoral degree in business administration with a focus on marketing or with equivalent scientific competence (for example via a doctoral degree in a related subject area or foreign degree), who has completed pedagogical training for higher education, and can show pedagogic skills. For employment as a senior lecturer, basic eligibility requirements are required in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (HF Chapter 4, Section 4).

In addition to the general eligibility according to HF, Chapter 4, Section 4, Halmstad University requires that senior lecturers have undergone higher education pedagogical training or have otherwise acquired corresponding knowledge. In cases where someone does not meet these requirements, the competence must be acquired within two years from the beginning of the employment.

Assessment criteria

 “The degree of such skill that is a requirement for eligibility for employment shall apply as assessment criteria for employment. The examination of the pedagogical skill shall be given as much care as the examination of other qualifying conditions according to the first paragraph. Each university otherwise decides for itself which assessment criteria are to be applied when hiring a senior lecturer.” (HF Chapter 4, Section 4)

When appointing the position, equal attention to scientific and pedagogical skills will be taken into account. Great emphasis will be placed on merits within the subject area specified by the focus of the employment. Research and teaching competence in marketing is particularly valued.

In addition to scientific and pedagogical skills, Halmstad University has decided on the following assessment criteria for the position as senior lecturer:

  • Ability to cooperate, leadership and administrative skills
  • Ability to interact with surrounding society

It is meriting if the applicant has a broad knowledge of the marketing subject and experience and ability to integrate research, teaching and collaboration with the surrounding society. It is also meriting with ability to teach in both Swedish and English.

A qualitative overall assessment of competences and skills will be made in order to employ the applicants who are judged to have the best conditions to carry out the tasks and contribute to a positive development of the organisation.


The application must consist of an electronic (pdf) package, each containing:

- A declaration of intent about which goals and visions the applicant intends to seek to fulfil through the employment.
 - A certified curriculum vitae (CV), with indication of references, clearly documented and certified.
 - A complete list of publications.
 - An account of what the applicant relies on for the various grounds of assessment:

  1. a) Scientific skills must be documented and include scientific background, scientific production, national and international research contacts. Examples of documentation are dissertations, articles, reviews, publications (including during production), national and international prizes and awards, certificates and assessments of scientific skills.
  2. b) Pedagogical skills must be documented and include pedagogical background, the applicant's basic pedagogical view, how the applicant works with own and students' learning and contributions to pedagogical development etc. Examples of documentation are grades from higher education pedagogical training, evaluations, pedagogical prizes, course and conference programs, teaching materials, certificates and assessments of pedagogical skills, etc.
  3. c) The ability to cooperate, leadership and administrative skills must be well documented through certificates and/or assessments. These can also be supplemented by indicating references. d) The ability to interact with the surrounding community must be well documented, for example through certificates and/or assessments. These can also be supplemented by references.

 - A maximum of eight (8) cited publications.

All copies must be certified


Halmstad University applies individual salary setting, and applicants are encouraged to enter their salary claim.

We ask to avoid all direct contact with staffing and recruitment companies as well as sellers of recruitment advertisements.

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
Salary Monthly salary
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Halmstad
County Hallands län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2020/110
  • Svante Andersson, 035-167676
  • Jonas Gabrielsson, 035 16 79 66
  • Catherine Legrand, 035-167100
Union representative
  • Kristina Hildebrand, Saco-S, 070-7721015
  • Anniqa Lagergren, OFR, 035-167655
  • Camilla Soto, ST, 035-167242
Published 03.Feb.2021
Last application date 26.Feb.2021 11:59 PM CET

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